The most popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter has successfully gained 300 million users with 175 million tweets per day. With 11 Twitter accounts emerging every second, there are more than 900 employees working for managing user’s profiles. With such figures, we often tend to think, how much revenue twitter earns in a year.
According to a recent survey, twitter has earned revenue of $145 million with more than 460 million accounts holders. More than just numbers, its quality users with their company ranking adds dollars to Twitter’s revenue. From U.S president to popular celebrities and all the way down to rumor magnets, Twitter is a massive quantity of free content. The company is now 6 years old, and it has had abundant time in extracting diamonds from its fortunate mine of content. Now question arises, what are the sources that make up to such bigger valued revenue? How Twitter is managing the vicissitudes and insane amount of raised cash?
There are various assumptions made by us like, may be its advertising company or sponsors links that are credited every time visitor pay a visit. On the other hand, may be it is the quantity of users that help twitter in its revenue! Well, these are true to some extent but are not the only reason for such high revenue. Broadly, there are three sources of revenue for twitter- its Firehose, Promoted Trends and Promoted Accounts.


Twitter has given this name to huge and real time stream of Tweets that flow from it every day. This employs streaming technology known as XMPP. In addition, smart Twitter charges users in order to get access to its Firehose in real time. This was the first case from which Twitter generated some meaningful trade by selling that data to Google and Microsoft for their search engines. Earlier, there was a rumor that Twitter would charge twenty million dollars for a deal. Trust me now the amount for selling deals is many times larger.

Promoted Trends

This is the extension to Promoted Tweet platform. The Promoted Trends users can see the latest affair and context sensitive trends promoted by Twitter’s advertising partners. These PAID Promoted Trends appears at the top of the Trending Topics on Twitter. For the last couple of years, the 24-hour Promoted Trend ad buy of Twitter has sold for 120,000 dollars per day. This is per day, and probably this will increase as Twitter is planning to start specific trends for a specific country. This adds approximate 35 million dollars in Twitter’s revenue. Thereby, allowing this ‘blue bird’ company in earning a valuable name of being a popular site!

Promoted Accounts

‘Who to follow’ this extension suggests some accounts that people do not follow currently. This is profitable platform for business and companies for promoting their products and services. It quickly scales follower-database and influencers for any brand. This is the most profitable option for Twitter as well as for the promoting company to increase sales and thereby overall revenue. This is the effective source of monetary for twitter by charging money from its promoters. Twitter is already being working with over 40 advertising companies, and nearly 80% are of them are repeat buyers. Now think of how much does this contribute to twitter’s revenue! It is ridiculously big.
Twitter recently has rolled out its self-serving advertisement for medium-sized business, who always seeks for online promotion and presence. In the past, company has wrestled for advertising revenue with Facebook in trying to determine whether the ads in social activity will work or not. However, with 15,000 tweets every second Twitter is all set to reach one billion dollars in its sales by 2014. The noteworthy analyst predications and the company’s advertising visibility shows that Twitter is more than just a toy of times. However, the real monetary value of Twitter’s ‘Tweet’ is still a question!