The number of cancer patients in Bangladesh has been increasing alarmingly due to a lack of a proper action awareness among the people.

Interestingly, there is no exact figure of cancer patients currently in the country, but recently in a round table discussion experts estimates this number at around 1.5 million. They also said that two lakh new patients are being diagnosed with the disease every year. About 1.5 lakh people die of cancer; of them 50 thousand die without treatment each year and victim claim the number is even higher than experts expect it to be.

The number of patients is increasing rapidly each year with a growth rate close to 50 percent. Hospitals claimed to have had around 50000 cancer patients in 2005 while the number of patients increased to 18000 in 2010. Most of the male patients are affected by lung and oral cancer, female patients suffer from cervical and breast cancer and children are mostly infested with blood cancer. Besides that, cancer can attack different parts of the body thus making it almost impossible to trace.

Our limited awareness, ignorance as well as negligence for the causes of cancer are the main reasons for its rapid spreading. Tobacco and tobacco products are responsible for 50 percent of cancer cases. The other 50 percent of cases are caused by indiscriminate use of formalin in food and pesticides in agriculture. In addition, providing vaccines for Hepatitis B can cause liver cancer, treating HIV can be responsible for cervical cancer and treatment for H. pylori infections may lead to stomach cancer.
To  prevent this, we are still not prepared and we even have no preliminary preparation.We are so careless. Moreover by saving the  ones responsible from punishment, the authority encourages them to be even more heinous. Even knowing this fact, we common people cannot be united in this issue.

Recently the World Health Organization stated that there should be at least one cancer treatment centre  providing the necessary tools and number of beds to treat every 10 lakh people. In this regard, the government should take steps to reduce the number of cancer patients by one third along with hospitals in the country.

It is high time for all of us to be aware about our food habits, use of fertilizers and pesticides and to stop smoking and taking drugs the problem will outgrow us soon.