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Power Voice - 2012 Says,

Voice of Bangladesh, will be the biggest Talent Hunt ever in Bangladesh. The concept of this show is to find a singing star who is not only a good singer but a complete performer with an amazing stage presence… A complete package.
Prior to the auditions, we will have a huge road show covering the length & breadth of the country.Mobile vans with branding and promoters will be present, they will hand out formto the potential contestants.Promoters will give out hand outs in universities and places where the youth hang out.
Promotions will begin with promos running on Channel 9, 15 days prior to the first audition date.The city specific audition promos will run 1 week before the audition, declaring venue, date and time.
In this stage the best of each city compete against each other to find the top 8 from each city.Judges will be supported by a team of 7-8 top personalities of the specific city to select the top 8 from that city.These personalities will be a mix of people from the music industry & well known personalities from the city.
In this stage the top 8 from the various cities come to Dhaka.In this stage 8 contestants from the specific city will compete against each other to arrive at the top 3 from each city, who move to the next round.We will have total of 18 finalists.They will be selected by a mix of Judges points and audience votes.
The final 18 are tested in this round. 1 contestant from each city is chosen randomly. These 6 compete in each episode. Each contestant will perform 2 times. 4 contestants from each episode move to the final round. Total of 12 contestants. Total 6 episodes.